Celebrating the real Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I must admit in the days leading up to Christmas, I've been watching the Hallmark Channel movies. A little sappy I know, but there's always a situation, a conflict and then a resolution to the conflict (a happy ending) all neatly wrapped up in two hours with snow and Christmas cheer!

No, it's not real life. But it does remind us that in this season of giving, the prickly people and relatives in our lives are a bit more open to good will or a friendly overture. Make the effort and see what happens.

After all, Christmas is really about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that he made to come to earth and live as fully human/fully God for 33 years. You can sacrifice a bit of pride or stubbornness to begin to build bridges of hope and joy. Christmas is a wonderful time to start.

May you have a blessed Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!

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