Small businesses need networking and marketing

If you're the owner of a small business, there are many demands on your time. Here are 5 quick tips to help you focus on networking and marketing to grow your business.

1. You can't do it all, so look at your customer base to determine how best to reach them.

2. Zone in on two social platforms and publish quality content three times each week. Quality content is information-based, not sales-based. 3. Consider your networking options carefully. Your time is limited so, again, don't try to do it all. Is the Chamber of Commerce a good fit for your business or will you gain more exposure and/or customers through a networking group like Business Networking International? 4. Gather emails selectively and make sure that you always include an unsubscribe or opt-out option with every communication that you send. 5. True networking includes a healthy dose of helping others. It's not all about you and your business. But those who've been referred by you to a good customer with be your strongest cheerleaders.

Here's to a prosperous, business-growing 2018! .

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