Janice T. Marsh

Owner of

J. Marsh Communications LLC

Janice T. Marsh

Owner of

J. Marsh Communications LLC

My goal is to connect your independently owned and operated business with customers so your business, your customer base and your revenue will grow. You and your product or service are our focus as we give each client individualized attention. My passion for individually owned businesses began when I worked in my dad’s full-service gas station. Since that time, I’ve worked for a newspaper, an advertising agency, as a manager of a corporate communications department and for 10 years as the director of a client services group.


My undergraduate degree is from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX so I proudly wear the purple and white school colors. My master’s degree is from the University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, TX.


My wide variety of experience allowed me to hone the skills that can help your business grow. Complete the Contact Us form so we can start with a free initial marketing review.


IT computer specialist with 15 years of experience in project management, operations and technical work. I completed my initial computer training in the US Navy and later earned my MBA. I'm detail-oriented and thorough, not losing sight of the overall goal or outcome. My strong suit is project management--pinpointing the issue or problem that a potential client has, developing a solution, refining the solution based on the client's input and launching the project.

Michelle Llanez

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Janice Marsh

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