Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look
at the results."
Winston Churchill

Marketing strategy is your road map designed to help you achieve your unique competitive advantage. Have you sat down to think about a strategy? We can develop a strategy from scratch or we can examine your current strategy and fill in the gaps. We also suggest tools to execute your strategy and set up a system that measures the results from those efforts. Elements you should consider in a marketing strategy include:

  • Market research--Collect information about the market that is currently buying the product or service you sell Some questions you may ask are: What products are currently on the market? What are the market dynamics? Who are your suppliers?

  • Target market--Know exactly who can use your product or service, then you'll know where to spend your advertising dollars or invest your time.

  • Marketing vehicles--Consider what forms of marketing yield the best results: networking, direct marketing, advertising, social media, training programs or trade shows.

  • Budget--Know how much you can spend and that will help you choose which strategies you can afford. You also need to decide if marketing is going to be done in house or if you need to outsource it.

  • Marketing goals--Set quantifiable marketing goals. You might want to gain 40 new customers or increase sales by 15% in a 12-month period.

Janice Marsh

Strategic Marketing Consultant


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