Janice and I met in a professional networking group. I don't like writing, so when I was asked to submit a biography to a local magazine, I hired Janice. We met and she asked me all sorts of questions. When she returned the information to me, I was very pleased with how well she expressed how and why I love doing what I do. Any time someone asks for my bio, I'm prepared with a professional article. Janice was easy to work with and prepared the article in a timely manner so that I met my deadline.

--Renee Devine, Mary Kay Director

Our resumes were outdated and did not effectively communicate our points of difference. We needed someone to collaborate with to rewrite our resumes. We chose to work with Janice because of her experience and because she was not in our industry.  We wanted to get a fresh perspective. Janice was very easy to work with. She worked around our busy schedules and scheduled meetings during non-traditional work hours. Janice gave us the fresh perspective we were looking for. She crafted resumes that clearly communicate our point of difference allowing us to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

--Jill Wente and Rick Ratchford, Better Homes and Garden Real Estate, Gary Greene Realtors